Meet the Creator

Hello! I’m Gemma, a Melbourne based illustrator and designer, and the face behind Milkbar Studio. I’m passionate about creating artwork that people resonate and connect with, and makes them smile – just like the nostalgic childhood memories of spending your hard-earned pocket money on a big bag of lollies at the local milkbar! I find inspiration from nature and capturing the beauty of everyday objects and places, and love to incorporate bright and joyful colour palettes with movement and textural layers.

I am genuinely appreciative and immensely grateful that you have chosen to display my artwork in your home, and hope that it brings you the same joy that creating it brought me.

The Story of Milkbar Studio

Milkbar Studio began back in 2022, when Gemma started learning how to use Procreate on the iPad and using it as a creative outlet outside of the day to day graphic design work – although her passion for drawing and illustration began long before then!

With countless illustrations and sketches now up her sleeve, Gemma decided to bring them to life, and Milkbar Studio was born.

Milkbar Studio has since grown into a small business with a thoughtful range of homewares and stationery that aim to bring a little bit of joy into everyday life. We are also passionate about creating products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, and prioritise working with local Australian businesses to produce our products.